August 2016

Prehistoric Rock Shrine with giant Snake Heads discovered in Bulgaria

5 Aug , 2016 Sites

A prehistoric rock shrine with giant snake heads shaped out of the rocks has been discovered near the town of Sarnitsa, Mineralni Bani Municipality, Haskovo District, in Southern Bulgaria, an archaeologist has confirmed. The rock complex featuring what appear to be giant rock snake heads was first discovered a few weeks ago based on aerial […]

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Robots could help search for Life on Saturn’ s icy Moon Eceladus

3 Aug , 2016 Uncategorized

As NASA’ s Orbiter Cassini flew through Enceladus’s plumes a handful of times in the past 11 years, its instruments were flooded with hydrogen molecules, which are a possible smoking gun for hydrothermal vents in the oceans. If confirmed, those vents would have major implications for life beneath the ice. But it’s unclear whether the […]

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