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New discoveries in a unique volcano shaped pyramid in Peru

Website: Image Copyright: Robert Benfer

Already in the 1960s, archaeologists identified an artificial mound or pyramid which was approx. 15.5 meters in height and has an apparent resemblance with a natural volcano.


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Montegrande in the peruvian Amazon still baffles scientists

Website: Image Copyright: Heinz Plenge

Montegrande is a 3000 Year old archaeological site. It was discovered in 2010 by archaeologist Quirino Olivera. Near the surface, the archaeologists found pottery from a 1,000-year span of history. But when they began to dig deeper, they found astonishing evidence of architecture on an enormous scale. Nothing this big, this old, had ever been excavated in Peru’s Amazon region. Read more on

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RAMAR News VLog June 2017 Edition

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A 3000 year old cooper mask from Argentina sheds new light on South American metalwork development

(Credit: Leticia Inés Cortés/María Cristina Scattolin/Antiquity)

Archaeologists who have discovered the mask stated that the discovery challenges the dominant theory that South American metalworking originated in Peru. According to their estimations, the mask dates back to 1000 BC. Sources of copper ore have been found within 45 miles of the location where the mask was unearthed, which makes archaeologists speculate that metalworking could have appeared in Argentina at the same time that it was emerging in Peru. Read more on

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