Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Coast Guard UFO Video

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Coast Guard UFO Video

Approved: Yes

Mystery Type: UFO

Mystery Name: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Coast Guard UFO Video

Latitude: 18.495396

Longitude: -67.135578

Country: Puerto Rico

Place Name: Aguadilla


Erich von Däniken and other organisations received in 2014 an anonymous letter with a video from a Coast Guard Crew in Puerto Rico, near Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla. An unidentified orange object appeared over an airstrip – diameter of around 2m. The crew was not allowed to land, so the filmed the object. It moved over fields, houses and finally dived into the ocean. After a few secounds two UFOs game out of the water.

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What kind of material is it made of?

Proven Facts: Original Video

Type: Light


Age Dating:

Discovery Date: 24.04.2013

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Erich von Däniken Was ich Jahrzehnte lang verschwiegen hab



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This mystery has been reported by Lobcor on 01/09/2017

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From Vaishnava on 01/10/2017


Here I additionally provide the link to YouTube in where the Video of this sighting has been recorded and published

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