Ancient Tomb Murals in Xinzhou city, China

Ancient Tomb Murals in Xinzhou city, China

Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Ancient Tomb Murals in Xinzhou city, China
Latitude: 38.416663
Longitude: 112.734174
Country: China
Place Name: Xinzhou city
Approved: Yes

In a 1,400 Year old tomb in china, archeologists have discovered fantastic images of a blue monster, winged horse and a nude deity called “the master of the wind”. The meaning of some of the imagery is not fully understood. “Themes on ascending to heaven, horse trading, hunting, [a] grand gatehouse and the rich styles of costumes all provide valuable information for the research on the social life, history, culture and military practices,” the archaeologists wrote. Anyhow, the archaeologists did not speculate on why the master of wind is shown nearly naked while running in the general direction of a burial chamber, or what the vivid-blue, monster-like creature (as archaeologists call it) or the winged horse represents. There’ s also no explanation about the “ascending to heaven” images.

Unsolved Mysteries:
For what purpose has it been built?, To which other mysteries is it related to?
Proven Facts: Depictions of unexplainable beings and scenery
Type: Tomb with Murals
Culture: Unkown, Ancient China Culture
Age Dating: > 600 AD
Discovery Date: 2013
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