Arkaim – The Stonehenge of Russia

Arkaim - The Stonehenge of Russia

Mystery Type: Site

Mystery Name: Arkaim – The Stonehenge of Russia

Latitude: 52.649160

Longitude: 59.571214

Country: Russia

Place Name: Kazakh Steppe, Bredinsky District, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia

Approved: Yes


At the Border between Russia and Khazakhstan lies Arkaim, discovered in 1987 by a team of Chelyabinsk scientists who were preparing the area to be flooded in order to create a reservoir. Photographs that were made from an Airplane showed strange spiral- and circular- shaped Structures. They were distributed over an area with a Diameter of 250 Kilometers.
The Site was designated a cultural reservation in 1991.
Although the settlement was burned and abandoned, much detail is preserved. Arkaim is similar in form but much better preserved than neighbouring Sintashta, where the earliest chariot was unearthed. The site was protected by two circular walls. There was a central square, surrounded by two circles of dwellings separated by a street. The settlement covered ca. 20,000 m2 (220,000 sq ft). The diameter of the enclosing wall was 160 m (520 ft). It was built from earth packed into timber frames, and reinforced with unburned clay brick, with a thickness of 4–5 m (13–16 ft). and a height of 5.5 m (18 ft). The settlement was surrounded with a 2 m (6 ft 7 in)-deep moat.
Arkaim is dated around the 17th century BC and around 1,500 to 2,500 people could have lived in the settlement. Zdanovich also states that the whole complex was built according to the laws of Astronomy and Cosmology to use it as an Observatorium and Templecity. Arkaim is often called the “Stonehenge of Russia”.
The People of Arkaim used Copper to create Weapons, sickles, axes, Arrows and Spearheads. Further Evidence shows that also Gold was manufactured in this Area. Scientists also discovered a Skeleton with an elongated Skull in Arkaim.
It’ s still unknown why Arkaim was burnt down and why it’ s citizens disappeared without a Trace.

Unsolved Mysteries:
To which other mysteries is it related to?, Why did the Inhabitants abandon the City?, Might it be Older than Scientists believe?, What’ s the meaning of the strange circular- and spiral- shaped Structures?

Proven Facts: Astronomical Alignment, Skeleton with elongated Skull

Type: Astrological Settlement


Age Dating: > 1.700 BC

Discovery Date: 1987

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