Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Baalbek
Latitude: 34.004887
Longitude: 36.203072
Country: Lebanon
Place Name: Baalbeck Temple, Baalbek District, Gouvernement Bekaa, Libanon
Approved: Yes

The biggest quarried stone blocks worldwide can be found here. The largest block weights 1242 tons. The foundation of the later Roman temple is made of such gigantic blocks. How did an ancient culture move them?

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, Which kind of technology has been used?, How has it been built?, When has it been built?, Who built it?
Proven Facts: Incredible weights have been moved and placed, We could not move it today
Type: Megalithic
Culture: Ancient Phoenicia
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Erich von Däniken



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This mystery has been reported by Lobcor on 07/19/2016

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From Benny Hasan on 02/05/2017


In The Great Pyramid – The Inside Story, by Robert Carson, the author claims that all of the physical evidence within the Great Pyramid points to hydraulic power having been used extensively in its construction. He describes how the hydraulic system functioned and he reconstructs the Great Pyramid based on the physical evidence that has been misinterpreted by Egyptologists.
He later goes on to state that the configuration of the blocks in the west wall at Baalbek confirms that hydraulic power was used to transport these massive blocks and instal them in this wall as there is no other rational explanation for its odd configuration. There is a series of three drawings (Figures 43a,b,c) on his website, that clearly shows how the oldest part of the west wall was built up.
It’s the most logical conclusion.


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