Barstow California UFO Landing on the 12.12.2009

Barstow California UFO Landing on the 12.12.2009

Mystery Type: UFO

Mystery Name: Barstow California UFO Landing on the 12.12.2009

Latitude: 34.895796

Longitude: -117.017283

Country: United States

Place Name: Barstow

Approved: Yes


Residents of the Town of Barstow reported a UFO hovering over their Homes. Later, the UFO touched down across the Street in the Dessert. Shortly after these Events, black SUVs of an unknown Origin entered the Scene, encircled the UFO with their high-beams pointing outward to blind and distract the People of Barstow. The mysterious Object was quickly removed by loading it onto a big Truck. According to Witnesses, the Object seems to have been about the Size of a VW-Bug (small Car).

Unsolved Mysteries:
To which other mysteries is it related to?, What exactly did the Witnesses encounter?, Which kind of technology has been used?, Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, Where has the Object been taken?, Who is responsible for the Cover-Up?, What was onboard the UFO?, Who piloted the UFO?

Proven Facts: Residents of Barstow have witnessed the Event

Type: Landing


Age Dating:

Discovery Date: 12.12.2009

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