Cart Ruts Central Turkey, Phrygian Valley

Cart Ruts Central Turkey, Phrygian Valley

Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Cart Ruts Central Turkey, Phrygian Valley
Latitude: 39.565863
Longitude: 30.099040
Country: Turkey
Place Name: Phrygian Valley, Frig Vadisi
Approved: No

In the Phrygian Valley in Central Turkey, strange “Cart-Ruts”, very similar to those in Malta and Sardinia have been found. According to a statement from a Russian geologist, these traces were left by vehicles that belonged to an advanced ancient civilization that inhabited our planet 14 million years ago. We all know that numerous religious texts speak of giants that roamed the Earth in the distant past. Even though experts in different fields have different opinions about this possibility, there are others who believe that Ancient Giants did exist and that we can find many traces of their existence today.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, When has it been built?, How has it been built?, Which kind of technology has been used?, To which other mysteries is it related to?
Proven Facts: petrified tracking ruts in rocky tuffaceous made from compacted volcanic ash deposits
Type: Cart Ruts
Age Dating:
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Erich von Däniken


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This mystery has been reported by Jahkri on 03/23/2017

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