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Erich von Dänikens Birthday -> Congratulate him on the Webpage

Erich von Däniken becomes 82 on April 14th 2017! Now you can leave your birthday greetings online! Tom Schneider of our internet team created a special birthday page to honor Erich von Däniken ( Thanks Tom! Everyone is invited to write some sentences to congratulate Erich von Däniken. Try it out!

Link to the Birthday-Webpage of Erich von Däniken

David Hatcher Childress: Stone Balls, Obelisks, Tesla, and the Moon


David Hatcher Childress gives a presentation on Stone Balls, Obelisks, Tesla, and the Moon during the 2016 ‘Out of this World’ UFO conference in Edinburg, Texas. David shares about the mysteries of Easter Island, Atlantis, Crystals Towers, Ancient Technologies & Civilizations, connections to UFO’s & Aliens, and several other anomalies surrounding the past.

Watch his presentation on youtube

Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary Multimedia Event of the Year 2016

hosted at London’s historic Princes Anne Theatre, BAFTA 195, Piccadilly on October 15, 2016 has been launched as VIDEO ON DEMAND.
The Gala Night was aired live, attended by national and international press, leading researchers, scientists, doctors, military personnel, critics, TV & Media executives.

Erich Von Daniken’s electrifying presentation was complemented by an immersive multi-media experience designed specifically for this auspicious night. Special guest appearances, including Giorgio Tsoukalos, a star of the highly successful TV Series Ancient Aliens presenting Erich Von Daniken with the StellarCitizenAward from Zohar Entertainment Group. An amazing journey through the work and life of Erich von Däniken.

2.5 HR SPECIAL EDITION VIDEO ON DEMAND  will feature unique insights into Erich’s illustrious career as an author and researcher, showcase of Erich’s contribution to Science, Literature, TV & Documentaries and much much more. Over 40 minutes of never seen before bonus footage, including  – congratulation video messages from Erich’s family, friends and colleagues.
Its been an amazing collaboration with multitude of organisations,  and we are truly honoured to have journeyed through Erich’s extraordinary career whilst working behind the scenes.

Video on Demand Passes for £1.99 available now at:

Partner-Project: Research “Object M” in Estonia

Our Partner Lars A. Fischinger is researching the mysterious “Object M”, an anomalous object or even an UFO which is hidden beneath the ground in Estonia. Some time ago, he was finaly able to get a copy of the original research documents. The documents are written in cyrillic script and the translation is difficult.
He’ s now looking for financial support to hire professional translators to do the tedious work of translating the complex scientific script. If you’ re interested  or even want to donate, you find more infos here in german-language (original) and here in english-language (translated by Google).


Thank you for supporting worldwide mysteries research projects.