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New POI on Ramar map: The Zone of Silence in Mexico

The Zone of Silence is, similar to the Bermuda triangle, an area near Ceballos in Mexico where strange happenings have been recorded. From magnetic anomalies to UFO sightings and legends from the ancient anasazi about sky gods and sky people, there are a lot of mysteries to uncover in the zone of silence.

Link to the RAMAR Mystery POI

Zulu Nation Elder Credo Mutwa talks about extraterrestrial contact of the ancient african people

Zulu Nation Elder Credo Mutwa is a well known and respected Elder in the Zulu Nation in South Africa. He talks about the Tales and Legends from his ancient african ancestors. There is a lot of reference to different extraterrestrial beings which have allegedly visited the ancient african people.

RAMAR-NOTE: Could it be that humans in africa were visited in ancient times by extraterrestrial beings which brought them knowledge? Is this the same story that we hear from cultures all around the world? Why have the beings allegedly be seen in the open in africa? Is there photographic or video evidence?

Watch an excerpt from Credo Mutwas DVD “Celestial Beings”

Official Website of the African Wisdom Keepers with further interesting informations

Scientists discovered that Dragons were already known in ancient Siberian culture(s)

Picture: Andrey Borodovsky

A Soviet tractor driver unearthed ancient belt buckles showing distinct dragon portrayals in the modern day Republic of Khakassia. The dragon’s figure is a symbol that allows us to say that Siberia has always had a set of particular, specific features as a cultural area. Dr Borodovsky believes that the Siberian dragon image were dated to the end of the first millennium BC until the second century AD. Then they vanished. Archeologist Vitaly Larichev said image of the Siberian dragon may be linked to ancient notions about the calendar and astronomy. It is known that nearby ancient astronomic observations were held at an  ‘observatory’ called Sunduki in Khakassia. A Chinese dictionary from AD 200 reads: “On the day of spring equinox the dragon flies to the sky, on the day of autumn equinox it delves into abyss and covers in mud.” Read more on The Siberian Times

RAMAR-NOTE: Paleo-Seti researchers believe that ancient dragons were misunderstood technology and were in fact extraterrestrial spaceships. Could it be that these newly discovered dragon-depictions from Siberia are also connected to extraterrestrial visitations in the ancient past? Are they another proof for a worldwide global superculture? Are these beings connected to other hybrid-beings that we can find in cultures, myths and legends around the world?

Virologists discovered a new huge “Frankenstein”-Virus which has the ability to absorb genes from other species

By InvaderXan – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Virologists of the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, California, analyzed metagenomic data (all of the genetic material in the sample) and found a previously unknown giant virus they called Frankenstein virus. Giant viruses were discovered in 2003 and given the name Mimiviruses. Read more

RAMAR-NOTE: Viruses, especialy  the MimiN-virus group and ofcourse the already menationed “Frankenstein”-virus are very intriguing life-forms. They show many characteristics which place them at the boundary between living and non-living. The lineage of this type of viruses is very old and could have emerged prior to cellular organisms. Some Scientists have suggested that Mimivirus is related to a type of DNA virus that emerged before cellular organisms and played a key role in the development of all life on Earth. It’ s also interesting to metion that viruses do not use cellular division but instead they do replication via self-assembly of individual components, almost like very small machines. They are also highly geometrical in structure.

Could it be that viruses are remnants of some kind of highly advanced “bio-machines” that were once spread throughout the universe by an unknown intelligence, billions of years ago, to support the creation of life in the universe?

Crop circles SHOCKER: Scientist claims patterns are ‘ALIEN messages from the future’

Alien Cropcircle

The astonishing claim was made by Dr Horace Drew, 61, after he studied the phenomenon, that is most prevalent in the west country, for several years. Crop circles have been mysteriously appearing in fields across the UK for decades with increasingly complicated patterns. They are also found further afield, including in Europe and other parts of the globe. Dr Drew has a PhD in chemistry from the university Caltech, in Pasadena, California. He now claims to have discovered the alien truth behind the bizarre formations. It has been claimed for years that crop circles were made by UFOs landing in fields, but pranksters came forward in the 1990s and showed how they had been making them using planks of wood. read more

Watch a great crop circle presentation based on facts from Dr. Horace Drew:
Dr Horace Drew – Decoding Crop Circles

Strange things are going on in Antarctica

Lately, a lot of new informations and rumors about antarctica are circulating on the web. Antarctica is a very mysterious continent and it’ s still unclear what may lie hidden under the huge ice-shield. Linda Moulton Howe, one of our partners, is tracking the evidence with great engagement.

New video interview with Linda Moulton Howe about the Antarctic-mysteries

Wikileaks Link with strange pictures from Antarctica

Also, Scientists found a very strange gravity anomaly over a roughly 500-km diameter subglacial basin centered on (70°S, 120°E) in north central Wilkes Land. Some scientists claim that the anomaly is created by an ancient meteorite impact crater but since the area is covered in a kilometer-thick ice-shield, it’ s still not clear what causes the anomaly.

Scientific paper about the  gravity anomaly

RAMAR-NOTE: If any of our members have more informations about what’ s going on in antarctica, please share it with our members in the forum. Thank you

CIA released remote viewing documents about aliens on Mars and in Antarctica

Probably not known to many people, but the CIA (like many other government agencies around the world) are  involved in secret paranormal investigations like remote-viewing since the late 40’s or even earlier. On August, the 8th of 2000, the CIA officialy released a document to the public which reported about such a remote-viewing-experiment. In this reported experiment, an individual used remote-viewing to get informations about mars and it’ s presumed ancient inhabitants. Read more

RAMAR-NOTE: Even though remote-viewing is labeled as “pseudoscience”, for example in wikipedia, it’ s still an interesting fact that, since decades, many government agencies as well as secret organisations and the military have invested large ressources into the research of the capabilities of the human mind. Is there something about the capabilities of our consciousness and our mind that some people or groups don’ t want us to know about? According to some experts, a lot of research in these areas are (still) done in secrecy without public knowing.


Link to: Original CIA Document

Anomalie in Earth’ s magnetic Field may be related to an impending Pole reversal

Copyright: Michael Osadicw/John Tarduno

The strength of Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing for the last 160 years at an alarming rate. It’s happening in a patch centered in a huge expanse extending from Zimbabwe to Chile, known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. Curiously, the magnetic field strength is so weak that it poses a risk for satellites that orbit above the region since the field is unable to protect spacecraft from radiation, which even interferes with satellite electronics. The field is continuing to grow weaker, potentially portending even more dramatic events, including a global reversal of the magnetic poles. Such a major change would affect our navigation systems, as well as the transmission of electricity and probably even our consciousness. Read more


Ancient Pueblo People in the US Southwest built Structures involving advanced Geometry

Credit: Dr. Sherry Towers

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY—Imagine you are about to plan and construct a building that involves several complicated geometrical shapes, but you aren’t allowed to write down any numbers or notes as you do it. For most of us, this would be impossible. Yet, new research from Arizona State University has revealed that the ancient Southwestern Pueblo people, who had no written language or written number system, were able to do just that – and used these skills to build sophisticated architectural complexes. Read more


RAMAR-NOTE: This is very interesting because it shows another connection to other ancient places around the world. Advanced geometry seems to be a basic principle of many of these ancient sites. What do you think and what other connections do you see? Share your knowledge and insights in our multilanguage forums.