Chaco Canyon Ancestral Puebloan Culture

Chaco Canyon Ancestral Puebloan Culture

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Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Chaco Canyon Ancestral Puebloan Culture
Latitude: 36.060736
Longitude: -107.961517
Country: United States
Place Name: Chaco Canyon
Approved: Yes

Pueblo, which means “village” in Spanish, was a term originating with the Spanish explorers who used it to refer to the people’s particular style of dwelling. The Navajo people, who now reside in parts of former Pueblo territory, referred to the ancient people as Anaasází, an exonym meaning “ancestors of our enemies”, referring to their competition with the Pueblo peoples. The Navajo now use the term in the sense of referring to “ancient people” or “ancient ones”. Hopi people used the term Hisatsinom, meaning ancient people, to describe the Ancestral Puebloans.

Just recently, Scientists discovered that ancestral Puebloans built the ancient Structures with advanced geomatrical principles without any (known) written language or written number system. It seems that specific geomatrical patterns were of great importance for many ancient cultures.

Also very interesting and strange: In the Chaco Canyon (Mexico), People of the ancient Pueblo Culture decorated their Houses with six-digit handprints and footprints. Researchers suggest that Beings with an extra finger and/or toe were important and respected in this Society. According to National Geographic, researchers were aware of polydactyl (many Fingers) among the Pueblo Culture for many Years. Several skeletal remains with extra toes and fingers have also been found. The Research-Team, led by anthropologist Patricia Crown of the University of New Mexico, also sought to determine how common polydactyl was among the Pueblo People. They analyzed 96 Skeletons excavated from the Pueblo Bonito Site. They found three Individuals with a sixth toe on the right Foot.

Unsolved Mysteries:
For what purpose has it been built?, Which kind of technology has been used?, To which other mysteries is it related to?, Where or how did the ancestral Puebloans get this knowledge?
Proven Facts: Geometrical precise structures
Type: Buildings and Structures
Culture: Ancient Pueblo peoples
Age Dating: > 1000 AD
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