El Baul stele, Guatemala

El Baul stele, Guatemala

Approved: Yes

Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: El Baul stele, Guatemala

Latitude: 14.833333

Longitude: -91.500000

Country: Guatemala

Place Name: El Baul


Being with helmet and exhaust in front of the “”nose””. In the helmet you can see clearly, a human face. Is it cargo cult, or what did the artist try to show.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Cargo cult..?

Proven Facts: Still today the locals pray to this God and enlight candles on the stele.

Type: Stele


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Linked Mysteries:
Mystery NameMystery Type
Tomb plate of Pacal, PalenqueArtefact


Author Publication Publication Link
Erich von Däniken The Astronaut Gods of the Maya https://www.amazon.com/Astronaut-Gods-Maya-Extraterrestrial-Technologies/dp/1591432359




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