Fresco in the church of the monastery of Visoki Decani

Fresco in the church of the monastery of Visoki Decani

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Mystery Type: UFO
Mystery Name: Fresco in the church of the monastery of Visoki Decani
Latitude: 42.547130
Longitude: 20.266554
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Place Name: Monastery Visoki Decani, Metohija, Kosovo
Approved: Yes

The church of the monastery of Desani is UNESCO-culture-heritage protected since 2004. Under the altar dome you find beautiful frescos and in the center Jesus Christ crucifixion in byzantine style from mid 14th century. The interesting thing in this frescoes are two firing balls, with human beings sitting inside. It seems to be a chase. One behind the other. The pictures speak for themselves. Watch and learn!

Unsolved Mysteries:
What did the artists want to show us, 600 years ago?
Proven Facts: UFO sigthtings and abductions are reported since the existence of humankind.
Type: Fresco
Culture: Eastern Christianity
Age Dating:
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Publication Publication Link
Reinhard Habeck

Bilder die es nicht geben dürfte, 2009
Erich von Däniken

Was ist falsch im Mayaland (update),2011
Erich von Däniken

Chariots of the Gods? (Movie), 1969


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This mystery has been reported by Lobcor on 04/22/2017

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From Jamey Adam Stanczak on 05/02/2017


This image is interesting. Here is what I see. I see an artist who is trying to tell us space travel can be inside of ships that are like comets or shooting stars. Perhaps comets make good spaceships. Maybe it is a poorly drawn picture of a spaceship or one that we can not recognize, but for me it is like the traveler is inside of a ball of light. In the 1990s my brother and I wrote and recorded a song for Mr. Erich von Däniken I will post a link to it in the link below. Space Traveler, By Jamey and Brian Stanczak- South star Haze


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