Giant hand axes in Morocco

Giant hand axes in Morocco

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Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: Giant hand axes in Morocco

Latitude: 34.146351

Longitude: -3.215302

Country: Morocco

Place Name: Ain Fritissa


The over dimensional hand axes found in Ain Fritissa (Eastern Morocco) are very interesting, because useless for our ancestors: 32 cm long – 22 cm wide – 4.2 kg heavy. If we assume the normal constitution of man, beings who could deal with such clumsy devices must have been about 4 meters tall. We have many indications in literature and findings, that giants once really existed on our planet.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?

Proven Facts: Finding is real

Type: Metal


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Linked Mysteries:
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London Hammer, TexasArtefact


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A.A.S. – Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (German) Magazin SAGENHAFTE ZEITEN



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