Giant hand axes in Syria

Giant hand axes in Syria

Mystery Type: Artefact
Mystery Name: Giant hand axes in Syria
Latitude: 34.819035
Longitude: 36.119231
Country: Syria
Place Name: Sasnych
Approved: No

Archaeologists dug out from the ground at the Sasnych (6 km from Safita in Syria) hand axes weighing 3.8 kg.
See also linked mystery: Giant hand axes (Morocco).

Unsolved Mysteries:
How could they be used?, Have giants lived on earth once?
Proven Facts: Over dimensional hand axes. To use it, a human being must be 4 meters tall
Type: Stone
Culture: Giants
Age Dating:
Discovery Date:
Linked Mysteries:

Linked Mysteries:

Mystery Name Mystery Type
Giant hand axes in Morocco Artefact



Publication Publication Link
Erich von Däniken

Gods from outer space, 1970


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