Great Godess Figurines and Vessels

Great Godess Figurines and Vessels

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Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: Great Godess Figurines and Vessels

Latitude: 41.717177

Longitude: 26.315629

Country: Bulgaria

Place Name: Kapitan Andreewo


Already discovered in 2012 – 2013, but not made public until now, there was an elaborate excavation near the town of Kapitan Andreewo in Bulgaria where a large, late neolithic religious complex was found. The archaeological team came across a total of 482 different structures dating back from the late Neolithic to the middle ages. The discoveries were made on a plot with an area of 600 square meters.
The discoveries were made by a team led by Prof. Vasil Nikolov and assist. Prof. Victoria Petrova, with Tanya Hristova and Peter Leshtakov as their deputies, all of them, archeologists from the National Institute and Museum of Archeology in Sofia.
However, the most intriguing findings were the objects and artefacts on the archeological site, namely strange figurines and vessels which have a great similaty to other extraterrestrial looking artefacts that have been found on other locations around the globe. Especialy the huge, almond-shaped eyes and very thin and small nose. There are strange mythological symbols carved onto the Objects as well.

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Proven Facts: Scientific Archeological Excavation

Type: Figurines


Age Dating: > 4.500 BC

Discovery Date: 2012

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