Mahabalipuram, India – A (technologically-)mysterious place

Mahabalipuram, India - A  (technologically-)mysterious place

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Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Mahabalipuram, India – A (technologically-)mysterious place
Latitude: 12.619037
Longitude: 80.192407
Country: India
Place Name: E Raja St, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu 603104,
Approved: Yes

Quotes of the Article in SAGENHAFTEZEITEN/LEGENDARY TIMES 1999, from Ralf Ritter:
…The old Indian metropolis of Mahabalipuram presents an abundance of stunning architectural remnants. Many of them, although never completed, display an apparently highly advanced technological standard in construction…
…Just like in Sacsayhuaman, Peru is the area filled with steps and terraces, webbed with canals and gutters for no apparent reason…
…clean cut steps into the bedrock lead to nowhere…there are very tall rocks that look as if they have been cut with a giant knife…the seem to be very smooth and at some areas even seem vitrificated…
Vitrification can also be found on the 250 tons heavy block of stone called “Krishna’s Butter Sphere/Ball”. For millennia the stone just sits there in a position which seems to entirely defy gravity, mocking balance,leaning close by the Mandapams.
…and: What about the basin in which Krishna allegedly was pounding the butter for his sphere? The so called “butter keg” features an exact circular hole, measuring 2.5 meters in depth, which has beenliterally cut out of the rock

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, For what purpose has it been built?
Proven Facts: High technological stone works as in Sacsayhuaman, Holy place (Vishnu, Shiva and Krishna), according to the tradition.
Type: Megalithic
Culture: India
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A.A.S. – Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (German)

Nr. 6/1995 & Nr. 3/1998
Erich von Däniken

Habe ich mich geirrt?, 1985 (not av.inEN


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