Mycene – Greek megalithic fortress

Mycene - Greek megalithic fortress

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Mystery Type: Site

Mystery Name: Mycene – Greek megalithic fortress

Latitude: 37.730863

Longitude: 22.756133

Country: Greece

Place Name: Mykene


Megalithic stonewalls in an ancient fortress on the top of the hill with the famous Lion-Gate. Gigantic blocks!
Nearby you find “treasure domes”. Huge anonymous domes, without any inscriptions or ornaments. One of the door’s deck beam of the “Treasure house of Atreus” weights about 120 tons.

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, Which kind of technology has been used?

Proven Facts: Gigantic and extremely heavy pieces!, Worldwide phenomenon – especially around the Mediterranean sea, all these other constructions are “built in Mycenean style”.

Type: Megalithic

Culture: Mycenaean Greece

Age Dating:

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Author Publication Publication Link
A.A.S. – Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (German) Several publications
Erich von Däniken Odyssey of the Gods (Im Namen von Zeus)



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