Mysterious gigantic CAVE LABYRINTH in China

Mysterious gigantic CAVE LABYRINTH in China

Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Mysterious gigantic CAVE LABYRINTH in China
Latitude: 29.064085
Longitude: 119.189987
Country: China
Place Name: Longyou Grottoes
Approved: Yes

Ancient gigantic caves in the bed rock, deep under the earth, massive stone pillars, as high as modern dwellings, masterpiece ornaments, remembering sacred inscriptions and stone halls, as extensive as hangars!
Probably the largest man-made cave labyrinth of the past, built by man, lies in China, far from the skyscrapers. Probably over 2000 years old, the mysterious underworld even puts local experts to insoluble puzzles.
As the first Western journalist, Luc Bürgin explored the mystery of Huangshan in his latest reportage. More than 180 color photographs illustrate the monumental world treasures far away from the pyramids of Giza, the statues of the Easter Island, or the stone circle of Stonehenge.
For what purpose was the huge cave system digged out in the dark past? How and by whom? Is it a forgotten mausoleum? Or even the legacy of the legendary Yellow Emperor, who was supposed to have entered his legendary ascension here?

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, To which other mysteries is it related to?
Proven Facts: Gigantic man-made caves – as big as hangars.
Type: Cave
Age Dating: > 50 BC
Discovery Date:
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Luc Bürgin

Chinas mysteriöses Höhlenlabyrinth, 2013

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