Nebra sky disc




Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


The Nebra sky disc is one of the oldest representations of the sky. It dates back to 1.600 B.C and was found by treasure hunters in 1999 on the Mittelberg in Saxony-Anhalt. On top of the mountain there has also been an prehistoric enclosure. The disc is about 30 cm in diameter and is made out of bronze (cupper from Austria) with gold (from Cornwall/United Kingdom) symbols such as the sun, crescent and stars. There is a group of seven stars which could represent the Pleiades. Later two arcs and a sun barge were added. The Nebra sky disc is the oldest known portable astronomical instrument showing the yearly course of the sun and the summer and winter solstices. In Saxony-Anhalt there are also older earthworks such as the Goseck Solar Observatory and Pömmelte Woodhenge (Sky Paths of Saxony-Anhalt). So here we have another proof of the extraordinary astronomical knowledge our ancestors had long time ago. A knowledge which was worldwide, a knowledge which outlast time connecting us with the past.