Carved Stone Balls


United Kingdom

Towie Aberdeenshire Scotland

Traces of ancient advanced technology


These petrospheres date back to 3.500-1.500 B.C., 450 of them have been found so far, most of them in Scotland, Aberdeenshire. Their size is about 7cm in diameter, so they fit in the palm of a hand. Although the stone balls have nearly the same size, the design and material varies widely. There are carved stone balls that have nearly no decoration, some have knobs and others are highly decorated.
The most elaborate is the Towie Stone, it is decorated with sacred symbols such as spirals. Some of the stones are made out of very hard material such as diorit, some are made out of sandstone, which is good to work on. There are many ideas about their purpose, reaching from hunting projectiles,weights, oracles, status icons and so on. A very interesting idea is that they could represent the 5 platonic solids. They could have been used to study spherical geometry. Or could these stones be charged (different material) and used to measure telluric energy or used as healing stones? Could the different spirals symbolise different telluric currents? So much questions and till now, no answer. It remains a mystery.


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