Durrington Shafts


United Kingdom


Traces of ancient advanced technology, Traces of ancient advanced astronomical knowledge


The Durrington Shafts were found 3 km distant from Stonehenge, these huge pits ( 5m deep, 10m diameter) surround the henge enclosure of Durrington Walls. 20 pits have been found so far. It seems they build up a huge ring (2km diameter), not a perfect circle. The dimensions and the relation between the Durrington Shafts and other monuments again show a deep understanding of mathematics and astronomy. These shafts were probably built by the Grooved Ware Culture between 2670 – 2550 B.C. For what purpose? One theory is that the pits could have been sound resonators for low frequency sound ( Durrington Shafts: 10 – 15 Hz). This sound could influence the state of consciousness and could be responsible for paranormal experience. The waves of low frequency sound travel through the earth, could the pits have been used for communication between distant points?

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