NASA announces a single star is home to at least 7 earthlike

NASA announces a single star is home to at least 7 earthlike

Mystery Type: Phenomenon
Mystery Name: NASA announces a single star is home to at least 7 earthlike
Latitude: 38.879591
Longitude: -77.014906
Country: United States
Place Name: Trappist-1
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The galaxy is getting very crowded. There may be 300 billion stars in the Milky Way, but until just over 20 years ago, we knew of only one of them that was orbited by planets. In the years since, the galactic census has exploded, with more than 4,700 confirmed or candidate planets discovered so far and astronomers concluding that every star in the galaxy is parent to at least one world.
What has always been harder to spot are Earthlike planets — relatively small ones with a rocky surface, orbiting their sun at the not-too-close, not-too-far distance that would allow liquid water to exist. Today, however, that changed in a big way, as NASA announced that a single star relatively close to Earth is home to no fewer than seven Earthlike planets. If you’re looking for extraterrestrial life, there may be no place better.

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