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Mystery Type: Site

Mystery Name: Nazca

Latitude: -14.738939

Longitude: -75.129139

Country: Peru

Place Name: Desert of Nazca and Palpa


Uncountable small lines and larger airstrip looking like designs are covering the desert of Nazca and Palpa. Many interpretations were tried, but there is still no answer for the over dimensional geoglyphs. Beside the different structures, you can find cut off mountain tops, and electrical, chemical and geomagnetic anomalies. (Research projects of the Erich von Däniken Foundation)

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, Who built it?

Proven Facts: Overdimensional geometrical informations as the so called Mandala, On different spots arsenic was found in an incredible over dosed amount, On some lines the geoelectrical flow is 8000 times higher, than in the rest of the desert, On two points of a “Pista” the magnetical field has immense changes in a dept of approx. 8 meters, More informations at Erich von Däniken-Foundation

Type: Region


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Linked Mysteries:
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Author Publication Publication Link
Erich von Däniken Impossible Truths, 2013 (UK 2017)
Erich von Däniken The arrival of the Gods, 1997



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