Nemrud Dag- strange Mountain top

Nemrud Dag- strange Mountain top

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Mystery Name: Nemrud Dag- strange Mountain top

Latitude: 37.980779

Longitude: 38.740799

Country: Turkey

Place Name: Mount Nemrud, Nemrud Dag


On the top of Mt. Nemrud you find the famous Nemrud Dag. Gigantig sculptures and fallen heads of “”Gods””, mixed creatures and Rulers. The top seems to be an artificial built cone pyramid of loose gravel, sand and stones. One inscription says that Antiochos I. (324-261 bc) “”has entrusted an immortal law of time to this inviolable monument””. The mysterious inside resists to all archaeological diggings. You can’t dig a tunnel in a sand dune…

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, Which kind of technology has been used?

Proven Facts: Holy mountain with a promise to the eternity.

Type: Pyramid


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Erich von Däniken Several publications



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