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Crop circles SHOCKER: Scientist claims patterns are ‘ALIEN messages from the future’

Alien Cropcircle


The astonishing claim was made by Dr Horace Drew, 61, after he studied the phenomenon, that is most prevalent in the west country, for several years. Crop circles have been mysteriously appearing in fields across the UK for decades with increasingly complicated patterns. They are also found further afield, including in Europe and other parts of the globe. Dr Drew has a PhD in chemistry from the university Caltech, in Pasadena, California. He now claims to have discovered the alien truth behind the bizarre formations. It has been claimed for years that crop circles were made by UFOs landing in fields, but pranksters came forward in the 1990s and showed how they had been making them using planks of wood. read more

Watch a great crop circle presentation based on facts from Dr. Horace Drew:
Dr Horace Drew – Decoding Crop Circles

Mysterious Aiud Object, since 1973

This technical looking like object was found in  1973 – In 10 meters dept of a sand bank on the Mures river in Romania in a gravel pit. It was caked together with a Mastodon bone and a tooth… These animals died out approximately 10 000 years ago. Two laboratories have analysed the elements of the object and found out that it consists of 94-97% of aluminium. We know how to produce and work aluminium since 200 years.,,

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Son Real, Mallorca, Spain – Necropolis?

On the east coast of Mallorca, a few kilometers south of Alcudia is the site of Son Real. According to the official sign of the Spanish authorities, it is an overground cementery. There is nearly nothing known about it. The origin according to Wikipedia should have been between 650 – 300 v. Chr. If you follow the Mallorca magazine, more than 300 skeletons have been found and a 4500-year-old burial cave was found nearby. It is quite possible that they are graves. But why put a cemetery about 20 meters from the shore. Even at that time, people must have been aware that there are occasional stormy seas and all graves
would have been over flooded. It is also questionable why there are graves in round and rectangular form. 120 meters from the shore, there is a small island, which is also covered by ruins. Could it be, that the constructions were built before the sea level increased? Cart Ruts have also been found here.

Reported by Lutz Dietze, Platin member of A.A.S.

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New NASA Venus Rover for extreme Environments is based on ancient Technology

Copyright: NASA/JPL-Caltech/NIAC and Tilemahos Efthimiadis/Creative Commons 2.0

Venus is not a forgiving planet. The longest that any machine has survived there is 127 minutes. Surface temperatures surpassing 800 degrees Fahrenheit and clouds of sulfuric acid are a perfect recipe for frying circuits. So Jet Propulsion Lab engineer Jonathan Sauder and his team designed a futuristic Venus rover that doesn’t need electronics. Instead it uses mechanical systems that would have been familiar to Leonardo da Vinci. History provides many examples of mechanical computers, like the Greek Antikythera mechanism, which calculated eclipse dates more than 2,000 years ago. AREE’s computer would need to track temperature, pressure, winds and seismic events. Read more

RAMAR Mystery Link: Machine of Antikythera

Lost City of Giants in Ecuador confirmed by Archaeologists

Photo from Ancient Code

Ancient legends in Ecuador speak of a time when Giants walked on Earth, a time when these beings created huge megalithic cities, that have been consumed by nature thousands of years later. In order to find the lost city of giants, a group of explorers teamed up with the locals who were well aware and knew that this ancient city was, in fact, real. The aboriginals led the group of explorers to the site they consider truly holy, and local tribes gathered at the city of giants to celebrate powerful spirits which according to legend, still inhabited the megalithic site.

According to reports, when the group of researchers arrived at the lost city of giants, they discovered a set of megalithic structures, the largest of the was a 260 foot tall by a 260-foot wide pyramid at an irregular angle. The massive pyramidal-shaped structure is believed to have been made by huge boulders weighing no less than two tons. Read more

Article on Earth4All

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David Hatcher Childress: Stone Balls, Obelisks, Tesla, and the Moon


David Hatcher Childress gives a presentation on Stone Balls, Obelisks, Tesla, and the Moon during the 2016 ‘Out of this World’ UFO conference in Edinburg, Texas. David shares about the mysteries of Easter Island, Atlantis, Crystals Towers, Ancient Technologies & Civilizations, connections to UFO’s & Aliens, and several other anomalies surrounding the past.

Watch his presentation on youtube

At least 2000 Year old egyptian style mini Pyramid discovered in China

Copyright: ImagInechina/REX/Shutterstock

In Zhengzhóu, Henan province, China, a team of archeologists has unearthed a small pyramid that eerily resembles the egyptian pyramides. In the same chamber where the pyramidal structure was found by the team of the Office of Cultural Relics of Zhengzhóu, is another tomb with the shape of a semi-cylinder. According to early estimates, experts believe that the ‘Egyptian Style’ pyramid could be over 2,000 years old. Judging by its style, archaeologists believe it belonged to the Han Dynasty. China isn’t a stranger when it comes to Pyramids. In fact, many scholars believe the oldest and largest Pyramids are located in the Asian country. Read more

Youtube Video about the Chinese mini Pyramid

Similar symbol discovered in ancient african cave and ancient israeli dolmen

Image Copyrights: Jewishpress.com, Gonen Sharon from Tel Hai College and UFOTV

Recently, a news article about an ancient dolmen that was found in upper Galilee (Israel) caught our attention. There were strange symbols carved into its ceiling that look almost like a trident or tripod.

Original article on the Jewishpress.com

In a documentary-video, published by UFOTV, we encounter the same (or at least very similar) symbol on a cave wall in the Samburu district in Kenja. Is this an ancient symbol that was used worldwide in ancient times to symbolize something of crucial importance? Are there other places on our planet that share that symbol?

Youtube documentary about the Samburu people in Africa

RAMAR-NOTE: This is a very good example for one of the goals that we hope to achieve with the RAMAR-project, namely to connect certain attributes and parameters of the mysteries to provide visual mysteries-research-support to all people around the world.

Strange Things are going on in Antarctica

Lately, a lot of new informations and rumors about antarctica are circulating on the web. Antarctica is a very mysterious continent and it’ s still unclear what may lie hidden under the huge ice-shield. Linda Moulton Howe, one of our partners, is tracking the evidence with great engagement.

New video interview with Linda Moulton Howe about the Antarctic-mysteries

Wikileaks Link with strange pictures from Antarctica

Also, Scientists found a very strange gravity anomaly over a roughly 500-km diameter subglacial basin centered on (70°S, 120°E) in north central Wilkes Land. Some scientists claim that the anomaly is created by an ancient meteorite impact crater but since the area is covered in a kilometer-thick ice-shield, it’ s still not clear what causes the anomaly.

Scientific paper about the  gravity anomaly

RAMAR-NOTE: If any of our members have more informations about what’ s going on in antarctica, please share it with our members in the forum. Thank you

Ancient Egypt Statue of Ramses II found with massive elongated Head

Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a massive red granite head of one Egypt’s most famous pharaohs, who ruled nearly 3,400 years ago. The head of Amenhotep III, which alone stands 2.5 metres tall, was dug out of the ruins of the pharaoh’s mortuary temple in the southern city of Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, where more than 60 Pharaohs were buried. Read more

Youtube-Video about the finding of the Statues Head

RAMAR-NOTE: Other Researchers suggest it’ s the Head of Ramses II but only further investigation will tell. Also note the massive elongated Skull of the Pharao. What was the Cause for this depiction?

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