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At least 4 pilots report UFO sighting to irish air traffic control center

(Picture of the sighting 3 weeks later, no proof that it’s fake so far. Pic from http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1225500/pg1)
On November 9 2018 Several airborne sightings of at least one “very bright” unidentified flying object were seen according to air traffic control center Dublin and British-Airways-BA94. One pilot said the UFO or UFOs were flying with the speed of Mach 2. Another pilot chimed in and proposed a meteor or other multiple objects follow the same sort of trajectory. A pilot on Virgin Flight 76 added that his flight crew had seen “two bright lights at 11 o’clock (which) seemed to bank over to the right and then climb away at speed.” Another pilot states: “It came up on our left hand side (rapidly veered) to the north, we saw a bright light and it just disappeared at a very high speed … we were just wondering. We didn’t think it was a likely collision course .. (just wondering) what it could be,” she said. Aviation journalist Gerry Byrne proposed it were meteorites. A spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said: “Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday 9th November of unusual air activity the IAA has filed a report. This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.” Also 3 weeks later UFO have been sighted over Spike island in Ireland. We at RAMAR see clearly a mystery with facts behind this scenario. Here a link to the report from CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/ireland-ufo-pilots-intl/index.html Here the report of sighted UFOs 3 Weeks later posted from abovetopsecret: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1225500/pg1

Nasa scientist Silvano P. Colombano states that aliens might already have found us

Nasa scientist Silvano P. Colombano states that aliens might already have found us. As biophysicist and IT-expert at the research center Ames Research Center in California he points out after a new study and results of the Kepler-project, that much older solar systems as 10.4 Gyr with earth like planets exist than our solar system with about 4.5 Gyr. This means it’s very probable that on these planets an alien species exist which may be much more developed than we are and they may have the technology for interstellar travel or aren’t based on a carbon based organism like we are. He also mentions in his white paper that the SETI program has ignored the phenomena of the UFO sightings and gives them recommendations how to research and analyze in future those issues e.g to study UFO reports as a low signal to noise ratio phenomenon.

RAMAR clearly see the fact that even NASA scientists and astronauts claim that it’s very possible that aliens exist and even provide factual data which support this fact.

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Tall el-Hammam = biblical city Sodom & Tunguska connection?

3700 years ago all human civilization abruptly ended on the banks of the Dead Sea. Now a team of multi-disciplinary scientists have new evidence which support the theory that a same or similar event happened at the banks of the Dead Sea as in Taiga forestry in Tunguska a 100 years ago in 1908, which is also regarded as a unsolved mystery. In Tunguska around 2000 square kilometers of forest have been wiped out through some kind of explosion, but without leaving a crater which is rather unusual.

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Erich von Däniken & Giorgio A. Tsoukalos … lectures at the International UFO Summit, Brasil: Dec 4, 6 and 8 2018

Meet Erich von Däniken and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos at the International UFO Summit in Brasil.

December 4th: Sao Paulo, Anhembi, 8 pm

December 6th: Brasilia, Centro de Convencoes, 8 pm

December 8th: Curitiba, Expo Unimed, 8 pm

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DNA changed by 7% in a twins brother who was in space for one Year

Astronauts DNA in space changed by an astonishing 7%

Scott and Mark Kelly are twins and both work at NASA. They are part of an experiment to test the influence of space-travel on the human mind and body. Scott Kelly was onboard the ISS (International Space Station) for one year and after his return, scientists found something very unusual. His DNA was not the same at all anymore but has changed by an astonishing 7%. Many researchers are now analyzing this anomaly in great detail and NASA will release a summary-paper sometime this spring. Read more on MSN.com    Interestingly, in another article about human evolutionary change, it’ s mentioned that in the last few thousand years, the human genome also changed by 7%, which is at a rate roughly 100 times higher than any other period of human evolution. Read more on dailygalaxy.com   RAMAR-NOTE: Something strange is going on here. Why are these evolutionrates so different? Does all biological live evolve at higher rates in the universe? Why is there this huge increase of evolutionrate since only a few thousand years ago in humanity? Could this mean that (our) dna was originaly created or manipulated in zero gravity? What happened a few thousand years ago that accelerated human evolution by a factor of 100 compared to all previous generations?

Scientist(s) finaly support Erich von Dänikens Theories

In May 2017, Professor Jason Thomas Wright from the stateuniversity of Pennsylvania, published a groundbreaking new scientific paper. In his paper, Prof. Wright basicaly confirms Erich von Dänikens Theories. It’ s clear that more and more scientists change fronts and support the theories of extraterrestrial cultures and interaction with ancient humanity. Read more on phys.org Scientific paper by Prof. Jason Thomas Wright as PDF on arxiv.org

Ancient stoneblades from India puzzle scientists

Scientists discovered more than 7’000 handmade stoneblades in Attirampakkam near the eastindian City of Chennai. These stoneblades may rewrite human history because they have been dated by scientists to be between 385.000 und 172.000 years old. The big question is; who created this stonetools in such a prehistoric time. Because no Bones or Fossils have been found, it’ s still a great mystery who built these tools. Read more on sciencemag.org Official research website sharmaheritage.com