NEXUS MAGAZINE – by Duncan Roads

Name: NEXUS MAGAZINE – by Duncan Roads Country: Australia Expertise: Physics, Biology, Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, Free Energy Description:

by Duncan Roads

Bi-monthly we present you with a round-up of some of the important information that the mainstream media choose to ignore in favour of celebrity worship, glorification of war and fearmongering. Mainstream media ignore or even suppress breakthroughs in health care, answers to environmental problems and news of mind-blowing technologies.

Ruling this world is easy: all you have to do is manipulate strong feelings via a burst of carefully picked information. The more people whom you can do this to at once, the more “power” you have. It doesn’t matter if the information is real or “true”: it only matters that you whip up a strong reaction and steer it towards your goal. Back in the days of World War I, the elites in the West repeatedly told the people that the “Huns” were eating babies; this resulted in tens of thousands of outraged men joining the war. They used the same tactic in World War II with similar effect. They then used the same tactic at the beginning of World War III—what we call Gulf War I—when they told us that Iraqi soldiers were pulling Kuwaiti babies out of incubators to let them die. For Gulf War II, Australia’s then Prime Minister, John Howard, lied when he told us that not only did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction but that he had, and had used, a human paper-shredder! It was all total nonsense, of course, but few journalists were analysing these assertions and the public perception was created that these statements were true.

The depth of feeling in many people about issues like immunisation and “global warming being caused by CO2” is such that even those who consider themselves “informed” or open-minded kneel down to the perceived truth as reported by “scientists” in a mainstream media format, assuming that their reports are fact-checked. More and more you hear this generic phrase: “So you are effectively saying that all those scientists and experts are either wrong or part of some huge conspiracy?”

Yet the fact remains that many of those scientists themselves eventually “break cover” and reveal their particular part of any plot in their section of the very compartmentalised world of scientific research.

Corporations are increasingly driving scientific research and then “own” the results. They have no obligation to release details of any such findings to the public. We rely on science whistleblowers to do this—but for the poor people who stand up for their conscience, this basically means a career death-sentence and eternal vilification by peers.

It is not some vast conspiracy where experts choose to hide things out of mean-spiritedness; it is a vast conspiracy where people are kept silent and in line, out of naked fear of losing their jobs and reputations. One might take heart that more and more expert witnesses/participants are wanting to come forward and reveal all, but the bad news is that more and more western governments have created legislation which they say is meant to protect whistleblowers but which, in reality, penalises them for coming forward.

Real journalism is on the way out in the mainstream media. Science is becoming a religion where, once again, we are told to have faith in its unprovable tenets, from the Big Bang theory to the theory of evolution.

We live in an era where the rulers fight to control what you believe, using technology that would have made Goebbels drool. We live in an era where independent thought is now a radical act in itself.

Welcome to NEXUS Magazine!

A bit of background:

Many years ago I took over a dying magazine.

It was a magazine that addressed itself to the alternative fringe of society and thus it carried many ‘alternative’ points of view on the subjects of health, human rights, the environment, human potential and suppressed information.

I revived this magazine by deleting all articles on the new age, the occult, environment and similar subjects, and by concentrating on what I call “suppressed information”.

Since that day in 1990, NEXUS Magazine has shown phenomenal growth, and today is the largest selling alternative news magazine in Australasia. We have offices in the UK, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Romania and Poland.

You will read things in NEXUS that will stimulate and challenge your view of reality, and we welcome you to our pages.

Duncan Roads, Editor



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