Padre Crespi Collection

Padre Crespi Collection

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Mystery Type: Artefact
Mystery Name: Padre Crespi Collection
Latitude: -2.892404
Longitude: -79.005302
Country: Ecuador
Place Name: Church Maria Auxiliadora
Approved: Yes

Quote from EvD’s book: History is wrong!

..In Ecuador, the hot tropical country straddling the equator in South America, there is a small town called Cuenca. There is a church there which carries the name Maria Auxiliadora, which translates roughly as “the helpful mother of God.” For fifty years, the Catholic diocese was looked after by a certain Father Carlo Crespi.
He enjoyed a reputation as a friend of the Indios and even during his lifetime the folk of Cuenca regarded him as a saint. Father Crespi died in 1982 and the people built a monument in his name that is, to this day, decorated every day with fresh flowers. What was so special about this padre? He listened to the Indios: for hours, or even days if need be. He won their trust and helped them out in all sorts of difficult situations.
The Indios expressed their gratitude by showering gifts upon the kindly preacher. Religious artifacts of the kind that aren’t exactly approved of by the Catholic Church; artifacts that their families had kept hidden from the white men for hundreds of years. Father Crespi initially placed the objects against the wall of his inner courtyard. But as their number increased, he was forced to start piling them up in a shed behind the church. The flow of gifts, however, didn’t let up and Crespi was forced to open up two further rooms in which he piled up some of the most amazing treasures that I have ever seen.
Scientists have never really thoroughly examined Father Crespi’s treasures. It has even been claimed that they were all modern fakes and forgeries. Well, it may well be that some of the panels, figures and totems were indeed made in the last century, but some of them can’t possibly have been. Since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, the indigenous peoples of South America have been devout Christians, yet there is no trace of Christian imagery on any of the pieces in Crespi’s collection. No cross, no Madonna, no Jesus, no biblical quotes. The artistic style that we see here originates from a pre-Christian epoch. The faces on the metal panels are outlandish, and the entire style and countless symbols do not fit in with any customary art-historical thinking. Often, the engraved metal panels are so complex and so extensively complemented by innumerable small illustrations that one is tempted to think of them as belonging to a unique school.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?
Proven Facts: Metallic tablets with mysterious symbols incl. Elephants, Giraffes & Kangaroos. In South America!
Type: Metal
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Erich von Däniken

History is wrong, 2007


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