Prahlad Jani – man who didn’t eat for 10d

Prahlad Jani - man who didn't eat for 10d

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Mystery Type: Phenomenon

Mystery Name: Prahlad Jani – man who didn’t eat for 10d

Latitude: 23.022505

Longitude: 72.571362

Country: India

Place Name: Ahmedabad


He was kept under observational studies twice once in 2003 and then in 2010. The Indian Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Science (DIPAS) kept him under strict observation for ten days under the surveillance of doctors and scientists 24×7. He was being monitored every day and tests such as CT-Scan and Blood counts were measured simultaneously. With all the results, still showing normal has shaken the scientists and doctors to attain any scientific conclusion.

Unsolved Mysteries:
How can he be without drinking and eating?

Proven Facts: 10 days without food under observation

Type: Supernatural Human Strength

Culture: India

Age Dating:

Discovery Date: 2003 and then in 2010

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This mystery has been reported by Vaishnava on 10/17/2018

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