Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident

Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident

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Mystery Type: UFO

Mystery Name: Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident

Latitude: 52.092219

Longitude: 1.456352

Country: United Kingdom

Place Name: Rendlesham Forest Airforce base


In the night of Dec. 26th 1980 the first lightning object has been seen sinking into Rendlesham forest through the trees. Servicemen which located the object, described it as triangular pyramid (2m long, 2.8m high). It was lightning and seemed to be metallic. Sergeant Jim Penniston even touched the object and reported, that it seemed to be organic and not metallic. Next they at daylight, they found broken/fallen tree branches and found three small impressions in a triangular pattern.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Which kind of technology has been used?

Proven Facts: Best documented UFO case.

Type: enlighted pyramid


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Erich von Däniken



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