Rongorongo – writings on wooden tablets

Rongorongo - writings on wooden tablets

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Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: Rongorongo – writings on wooden tablets

Latitude: -27.112723

Longitude: -109.349687

Country: Chile

Place Name: Easter Island


There still remains the riddle of the writing. At one time, some of the statues wore small wooden tablets around their neck. Two of them are exhibited in the anthropological museum of Santiago de Chile. The engravings show a certain affinity with the writing of Mohenjo-daro, an ancient Indus Valley civilization (modern-day Pakistan). Only the dating does not fit. The settlement of Easter Island is thought to have occurred about 350 AD

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, Was there a connection between ancient Pakistan and Easter Island, Unknown writting

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Type: Wooden tablets


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A.A.S. – Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (German) Magazin SAGENHAFTE ZEITEN



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