Serbian Pyramid Mountain Rtanj

Serbian Pyramid Mountain Rtanj

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Mystery Name: Serbian Pyramid Mountain Rtanj

Latitude: 43.775905

Longitude: 21.893272

Country: Serbia and Montenegro

Place Name: Rtanj Mountain


Rtanj (Serbian: Ртањ, pronounced [r̩̂ːtaɲ]) is a mountain situated in eastern Serbia, approximately 200 km southeast of Belgrade, between towns of Boljevac on north and Sokobanja on south. It belongs to the Serbian Carpathians. Its highest peak is Šiljak (pronounced [ʃǐːʎak]) (1,565 m), a natural phenomenon of karst terrain.

Most popular theory is that, due to its shape and other “observed” factors (precise pyramidal geometry, golden ratio math, wondrous natural life, strong electromagnetism with fine frequencies, endemic plants, healthy energy radiation, special climate, mystical cultural heritage, naturally radiation-ionized air, Tesla waves), the mountain had to be artificially built. Claims are made that it is a multi-dimensional portal, that a channel leads from the top of the mountain to below the ground being used as a launch pad for alien space ships and that Rtanj is an “oscillator and resonator of the subtle energy hubs”.[1]

For some New Age believers, the pyramidal shape of the mountain is due to it containing an alien pyramid emitting mystical energies. Many people have flocked here prior to the predicted 2012 Mayan Doomsday, believing it will protect them.[1][2][3]

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[2] Matt Blake (11 December 2012). “Hotels sell out as dooms-dayers flock to ANOTHER mountain which believers say houses an ‘alien pyramid with magic powers’”. MailOnline. Retrieved 11 December 2012.
[3] Tanquintic-Misa, Esther (11 December 2012). “2012 Mayan Doomsday Countdown: Serbia’s Mount Rtanj is Alternate Refuge”. International Business Times. Archived from the original on 19 December 2012. Retrieved 11 December 2012.

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