Snake Rock Shrine

Snake Rock Shrine

Mystery Type: Site

Mystery Name: Snake Rock Shrine

Latitude: 41.864760

Longitude: 25.277720

Country: Bulgaria

Place Name: Sarnitsa, Minaralni Bani Municipality, Haskovo District, Southern Bulgaria

Approved: Yes


Prehistoric Snake Rock Shrine found in Bulgaria in 2016. According to Prof. Ana Raduncheva and Assoc. Prof. Stefanka Ivanova from the National Institue and Museum of Archeology in Sofia, another Rockshrine (“Eagle’ s Rocks” Shrine) was the work of a prehistoric Civilization which created an entire system of shrines in Bulgaria spanning what was a huge holy territory. The “Eagle’ s Rocks”-Shrine which is located in the same Region features huge Human Faces hewn high into the rocks, and dates back to the 4th millennium BC. It’ s plausible to assume that the Snake-Rock-Shrine was build around the same Time. But only further analysis of the Site will give more clear answers.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, When has it been built?, How has it been built?, To which other mysteries is it related to?

Proven Facts:

Type: Rock Shrine


Age Dating: > 3.000 BC

Discovery Date: 2016

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This mystery has been reported by Jahkri on 08/05/2016

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