Son Real, Spain – Necropolis?

Son Real, Spain - Necropolis?

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Mystery Type: Site
Mystery Name: Son Real, Spain – Necropolis?
Latitude: 39.754787
Longitude: 3.182369
Country: Spain
Place Name: Mallorca Island
Approved: No

On the east coast of Mallorca, a few kilometers south of Alcudia is the site of Son Real. According to the official sign of the Spanish authorities, it is an overground cementery. There is nearly nothing known about it. The origin according to Wikipedia should have been between 650 – 300 v. Chr. If you follow the Mallorca magazine, more than 300 skeletons have been found and a 4500-year-old burial cave was found nearby. It is quite possible that they are graves. But why put a cemetery about 20 meters from the shore. Even at that time, people must have been aware that there are occasional stormy seas and all graves
would have been over flooded. It is also questionable why there are graves in round and rectangular form. 120 meters from the shore, there is a small island, which is also covered by ruins. Could it be, that the constructions were built before the sea level increased? Cart Ruts have also been found here.

Reported by Lutz Dietze, Platin member of A.A.S.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Who built it?, For what purpose has it been built?, When has it been built?
Proven Facts: You would not build a cementary directly at the beach
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This mystery has been reported by Lobcor on 03/22/2017

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