Stone balls world wide – Russia, Arctica

Stone balls world wide - Russia, Arctica

Mystery Type: Phenomenon
Mystery Name: Stone balls world wide – Russia, Arctica
Latitude: 74.729241
Longitude: 57.662085
Country: Russia
Place Name: Nowaja Semlja Insel
Approved: Yes

Perfect round shaped stone balls up to 15 tons were found (and will be found) worldwide. Costa Rica, Guatemala, Easter Island, Ecuador, Artic Islands, New Zealand, and many places more around our planet. For what reason were they made – and brought to their special places? Did nature construct such perfect balls, and were they worshiped by the natives – placed on sanctuary spots? Or are they artificially made?

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, For what purpose has it been built?, Which kind of technology has been used?
Proven Facts: World wide phenomenon
Type: Stone Balls
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Erich von Däniken

What is wrong in Mayaland? to be pulishe


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