Strange Geode with metallic structure inside – Coso Artefact

Strange Geode with metallic structure inside - Coso Artefact

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Mystery Type: Artefact
Mystery Name: Strange Geode with metallic structure inside – Coso Artefact
Latitude: 36.439618
Longitude: -117.967513
Country: United States
Place Name: Olancha, California
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A strange spherical rock that was found on February 13, 1961, 6 miles north-east of Olancha at the edge of the Amrgosa desert in California. At the time, like Yikesell, Wallace Lane, and Virginia Maxey were looking for minerals and were particularly on the lookout for geodes. The three owned a souvenir shop in Olancha, and they knew very well that geodes could be sold for a lot of money. This is because there are magnificent crystals inside a geode. About 120 meters above Owens Lake, the three discovered an irregularly shaped geode and laboriously hauled their find home. The next day, Mike Mikesell wanted to saw the rock in half to get to the crystals on rhe inside. As always, he used a diamond saw. Suddenly the saw snapped. A new saw hlade suffered the same fate. Now the hard- working finders suspected that there might be a particularly valuable mineral inside the geode, perhaps even a diamond. They finally succeeded in splitting the geode in half with a great deal of effort and the assistance of a hammer and chisel. Their surprise could not have been greater: The outer skin consisted of a layer of sea fossils. This was followed by a layer that reminded them of petrified wood. Finally, there were two rings of a porcelain-like material, which in turn contained a plain pin 2 millimeters in diameter and 17 millimeters in length. That is what had broken the diamond saw. Geologists, none of whom want to reveal their name, estimate the age of the geode at about 500,000 years.
What is it that does not fit about the earth’s past? It is completely impossible that the plain pin, whose composition has never been discovered, could have entered the geode from the outside. After all, the pin assumes a high level of knowledge of metallurgy of some kind—and of a workshop—500,000 years ago.

Unsolved Mysteries:
How has it been built?, Who built it?
Proven Facts: Metallic artificial structure inside a 500 000 years old stone
Type: Stone
Age Dating: > 500.000 BC
Discovery Date: February, 13th 1961
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Erich von Däniken

Evidence of the Gods, 2013


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