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RAMAR News VLog June 2017 Edition

We are proud to release the first issue of our monthly RAMAR news vlog video series. Every month we’ ll inform you about the latest news and the most recent scientific discoveries from all around the world.

Please enjoy this first issue and if you like our new series, then please become a RAMAR member and also subscribe to our youtube channel.

RAMAR Productions presents: “Mysterious Anomalies on Mars”

We are very proud to present our first RAMAR documentary-video about the mysteries on our neighbour-planet mars. There are many unexplained structures on mars that need further research and study. There are definitively strange things happening on mars. All the images you’ re going to see in the video are from official NASA-images. All the anomalies and strange objects in the video have been found by our RAMAR-Research-Team and we will definitively produce more interesting documentaries when we have new research-results and insights to share with our community. Watch the RAMAR Mars Documentary online.

What do you think about these anomalies? Could they be left-overs from an ancient civilization that once, maybe thousands or even ten-thousands of years ago, thrived on mars? We have a topic in our forums called “The Mysteries of Mars Documentary Discussion” in the subtopic-area “Ancient Site Forum”. Please participate and tell us what you think about these strange objects and anomalies. Link to the Ramar-Forum-Topic for users to participate (attention, you need to be logged-in to be able to write in the forum).