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Evidence of Extra Fingers and Toes in the ancient Culture of Pueblo People of Chaco Canyon

Footprints with 6 Toes found behind the Pueblo Bonito-Site in Chaco Canyon. Photo: Peter Faris

In the Chaco Canyon (Mexico), People of the ancient Pueblo Culture decorated their Houses with six-digit handprints and footprints. Researchers suggest that Beings with an extra finger and/or toe were important and respected in this Society. According to National Geographic, researchers were aware of polydactyl (many Fingers) among the Pueblo Culture for many Years. Several skeletal remains with extra toes and fingers have also been found. The Research-Team, led by anthropologist Patricia Crown of the University of New Mexico, also sought to determine how common polydactyl was among the Pueblo People. They analyzed 96 Skeletons excavated from the Pueblo Bonito Site. They found three Individuals with a sixth toe on the right Foot. Read more National Geographic Report Society for american Achaeology  

Ancient paintings discovered near Machu Picchu

A figure of a llama, a man, and above them a geometric image.

Over a hundred years after its discovery, Machu Picchu still surprises researchers. Two weeks ago, staff members from Cusco’s Cultural Department found in the surrounding areas of the ancient city, pre-Hispanic paintings, which could proof to be older than the Incan culture. A figure of a llama, a man, and above them a geometric image, were found in the area of Pachamama, on the access road that leads to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu. Read more