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New POI on Ramar map: Marcahuasi

Marcahuasi is a plateau in the Andes Mountains, located east of Lima, on the mountain range that rises to the right bank of the Rímac River. This mountain range dominates the landscape at 4,000 m above sea level and the place is known for curious shapes of human faces and animals visible in granite rock.

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New POI on Ramar map: The Gate of the Gods in Peru near Lake Titicaca

The “Gate of the Gods”, also known as Puerta de Hayu Marca, is an ancient “rock gate” in Peru, near Lake Titicaca. This huge rock-door is still a great mystery. There are ancient legends about this door/portal. The first King of the Incas was supposedly able to open the door with a “golden disc” and then travel to other places by entering the door.

Link to the RAMAR Mystery POI

Tourists damage El Candelabro in Paracas

Tourists deliberately destroying El Candelabro in Paracas.

Over the weekend, Sernanp reported a group of people operating motor vehicles inside the protected reserve of Paracas! Read more

Please support our Cause to protect ancient archeological Sites for the Future. You can find more Information about this Project on our Website in the Crowdfunding-Area.

New DNA-Tests on ancient Paracas Skulls changes known History

The more than 2,000 Year old Paracas Skulls on display at Museo Regional de Ica in the City of Ica in Peru.

In 1928, the Peruvian Archaeologist Julio Tello found more than 300 of these elongated Skulls in a massive and elaborate Graveyard containing tombs filled with the Remains of Individuals with the largest elongated skulls found anywhere in the World. According to first DNA-Tests done by Geneticists, the Skulls have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any Human, Primate, or animal known so far”.

Now, a second round of DNA-Testing has been completed and the Results are still controversial. The Tests have shown that the Skulls seem to have European and middle Eastern Origin. Read more