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Excavating ancient Shiva temples which are buried under sand

Representative Image

Representative Image

MADURAI: The Ramanathapuram Archaeological and Historical Conservation Centre has stumbled upon traces of two ancient Shiva temples buried under sand in Naripaiyur sea shore in Ramanathapuram district, members of the centre said. They believe that unearthing them will bring out rich information on trade and governance of the Pandya era and urged the Tamil Nadu archaeological department to carry out excavation in the area. Read more

Researchers find underground tunnels beneath a Mexican Pyramid

Tunnels have been found under the alleged Tomb of King Pakal II in Palenque.

Researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico have discovered a set of ‘tunnels’ leading to the ‘underworld’ beneath an ancient Pyramid in Mexico. According to reports, the underground tunnel system connects to another, and is made of stone and approximately 40 centimeters wide and tall. In the Temple of Inscriptions, where the king of Palenque; Pakal the Great was buried, an engraving indicates that in order to be received into the underworld, one must dive into the water of the God ‘Chaac’. Read more Infos from INAH – Secretaria de Cultura