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New POI on Ramar map: The Zone of Silence in Mexico

The Zone of Silence is, similar to the Bermuda triangle, an area near Ceballos in Mexico where strange happenings have been recorded. From magnetic anomalies to UFO sightings and legends from the ancient anasazi about sky gods and sky people, there are a lot of mysteries to uncover in the zone of silence.

Link to the RAMAR Mystery POI

New POI on Ramar map: Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident

In the night of Dec. 26th 1980 the first lightning object has been seen sinking into Rendlesham forest through the trees. Servicemen which located the object, described it as triangular pyramid (2m long, 2.8m high). It was lightning and seemed to be metallic. Sergeant Jim Penniston even touched the object and reported, that it seemed to be organic and not metallic. Next they at daylight, they found broken/fallen tree branches and found three small impressions in a triangular pattern.


Declassified CIA Files claim the Agency spotted UFOs in Indian Skies back in 1968

Representative Image

According to the recently declassified CIA documents which has been since published online, the agency believes they have spotted several UFOs over the Indian subcontinent in 1968. These were across south Ladakh, north east Nepal, north Sikkim and western Bhutan. The declassified documents, however, don’t mention on the extend of the programme or what they achieved out of it. Read more

Link to the original CIA-Documents (PDF)