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New POI on Ramar map: Marcahuasi

Marcahuasi is a plateau in the Andes Mountains, located east of Lima, on the mountain range that rises to the right bank of the Rímac River. This mountain range dominates the landscape at 4,000 m above sea level and the place is known for curious shapes of human faces and animals visible in granite rock.

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Ancient megaliths with dragon and griffin depictions have been found in the Altai Mountains

© Picture: Ruslan Posyolkov

The Siberian Times reported about gigantic, artificialy created megaliths, depicting a griffin and a dragon, discovered in the wilderness at Mokhnataya mountain in Altai region. According to scientists, the dragon and griffin are unique in terms of their sizes, the griffin is also unique in terms of its preservation. No other dragon megalith has been found in Siberia, although scientists believe such discoveries  are possible in the future. The megalith complex in Mokhnataya mountain may date back as far as the end of the last Ice age – or earlier but clear, detailed research will be required to give a more precise dating to the finds. Read more on the Siberian Times

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New archeological research at the mysterious plain of jars in Laos

The plain of jars in Laos is an enigmatic landscape, filled with thousands of massive stone vessels, some fashioned more than 2,500 years ago. Intriguingly, almost nothing is known about the people who created the jars 1,500–2,500 years ago. They left no written texts, inscriptions, domestic structures, or habitation sites. Local legends talk about giants who used the jars as drinking-cups. Read more

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