The dove of Saqqara

The dove of Saqqara

Approved: Yes

Mystery Type: Artefact

Mystery Name: The dove of Saqqara

Latitude: 29.870679

Longitude: 31.219833

Country: Egypt

Place Name: Saqqara


This wooden “”dove”” was found 1898 in a tomb shaft near the famous step pyramid of Djoser. Until 1969 it was stored between other bird figurines. Later researches from aero eyperts proofed, that this “”dove”” is a perferct model of a sailplain. Wings and side rudder are perfectly aerodymnamicly shaped and no bird has a vertical tail.

Unsolved Mysteries:
Where comes the aerodynamical information from?

Proven Facts: Fly objects in ancient times is a fact – open your eyes.

Type: Wood


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Mystery NameMystery Type
“Goldflyer” ancient imitations of modern aircraftsArtefact


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A.A.S. – Forschungsgesellschaft für Archäologie, Astronautik und SETI (German) Magazin SAGENHAFTE ZEITEN



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