Tikal – the place where the Gods landed

Tikal - the place where the Gods landed

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Mystery Name: Tikal – the place where the Gods landed

Latitude: 17.221676

Longitude: -89.623076

Country: Guatemala

Place Name: Tikal, Peten, Guatemala


One of the biggest Maya cities, built on a place without water. Why to build a city here and constructing 30 km channels to the Peten Itza Lake? According to the Legends and recovered inscriptions, because the gods once landed here.

Unsolved Mysteries:
For what purpose has it been built?, Who built it?

Proven Facts:

Type: City

Culture: Maya civilization

Age Dating: > 350 BC

Discovery Date:

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Linked Mysteries:
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Author Publication Publication Link
Erich von Däniken What is wrong in Maya land, 2011(US 2017) http://daniken.com/en/evd_bibliografie.htm

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tikal


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