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User Comment From Roger on 04/14/2018 14:49:20

This is very possible

User Comment From Fabian on 06/16/2018 13:48:24

Sure they know

User Comment From Ulrich Dopatka on 06/18/2018 12:06:13

Der korrekte Link hat hinten html (mit ” l ” )… Wenn man auf den Link obenn klickt gelant man zur Hauptseite von scinexx… Der Nazca-Artikel ist auf

User Comment From Ulrich Dopatka on 07/13/2018 11:07:27

Dear Joshua, I am not a specialist in this topics… but I read that there are “Black projects” existing… well, let’s wait for more news. Here is an exampel:


User Comment From gast on 07/25/2018 23:26:30

Ich sah verschieden UFO darunter Krieg leider kein Dreieck.

User Comment From Gast on 07/26/2018 02:11:44

Ich hab doch ein Dreieck gesehen begleitet von 6 Eurofightern richtung nordnordwest (Nordamerica]

User Comment From ece demirkol on 07/29/2018 00:11:23


my boss Adnan Sen is a fan of Mr . Von Daniken we live at Beverly Hills and he has an event on the 2nd of August which he would like to invite Mr. Von Daniken too is it please possible to provide his email address so we can invite him with an invitation.

thank you

ece demirkol

424 527 5634

User Comment From I am who i am,mack hitch ,facebook on 09/19/2018 02:11:09

I have video of me performing what everyone is looking for ,proof of pk,Eric would very much like to view I’m sure.Please help us meet surreptitiously. Thank you.

User Comment From Albert Perez on 09/27/2018 11:16:29

User Comment From Marko on 10/08/2018 11:56:15
Subject: Deadly nanorobots


My name is Marko.

13years ago in England I’ve got against my will through injection in my body RFID antena and nanorobots.

These deadly nanorobots are deleting all my life memories, and through RFID antena I am being insulted and threatened by officers from England. I don’t have my mindprivacy and my innerbody privacy.

Please If you can help me to destroy these nanorobots in my whole body (they are everywhere in my body and they are evolving and multiplying all the time) and RFID antena through it officers are insulting and threatening me 24/7 for 13yeas now.

Or if you can tell me ti whom or to what center I can go to to desolve them.

I am getting little desperate because I don’t know what to do.

I can send you a txt file how it happened, how I am experiencing being exploited by chips and so.

All well.

PS: 5years ago my spirit guides told me, that I will find a center where I will be helped. That I will volunter as a kind of experiment and that is why some things I will have to pay, and some will be free. They told me, that in some center they will disolve something in my body, and that I will prove something (probably that they are doing chiping everywhere on world on people). And spirit guides said that I will write some articles as being an experiment.

All well.

by the way, I can tell you something unusual.
When I was in prison all those years ago, I’ve talked to few officers and one of them was a humanoid robot.
Now similar to those in Japan, like Sophia and others who are now commercialy presented in the world.

But I was in prison around 13years ago, and I clearly saw and felt that one of those officers was a robot.

It is so.

So if you can help me find some center in which I can desolve all foregin bodys in my body.

there must be some organizations that are able to help me out, especially when I want to volunteer as a research subject in the lab.