Youtuber finds strange connection between Nazca and Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Nazca-lines Google Maps Plot

Erich von Däniken has already reported about the mysterious lines in Nazca (Peru) many times. Now a youtuber used Google Earth to plot the Nacza-lines over the entire globe and the finding is amazing. All the lines ploted from Nazca converge on the other side of the world in Angkor Wat (Cambodia).   Here’ s the video:   RAMAR-NOTE: This kind of research is very important and, as shown in the video, everybody can find such important connections with the modern tools that we have at our disposal today. Ramar already provides a very detailed world-map and in the near future, we will implement even more research-tools. We hope that our Ramar-Website will be a valuable tool for all researchers around the world to make many more, groundbreaking discoveries.

One thought on “Youtuber finds strange connection between Nazca and Angkor Wat in Cambodia

  1. Jahkri

    This is another great example, how “amateur”-researchers can discover new and amazing facts regarding the worldwide Mysteries. We hope that people will also use our RAMAR-platform as a research-tool to find other new and astonishing facts about the mysteries. We would like to encourage everybody to do his/her own mysteries-research and share their findings here on the RAMAR-platform so that other researchers and authors can incorporate your findings into their works.

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