Zohar Entertainment Group – Creative splendour from many Dimensions

Name: Zohar Entertainment Group – Creative splendour from many Dimensions Country: United Kingdom Expertise: Ufology, Physics, Biology Description:

Zohar Entertainment Group is a newly-formed, creatively outspoken and heart-centred organisation, working with and on behalf of those who strive to educate, entertain and empower people through various forms of transformational art and media
The team consists of a number of highly skilled experts from within media and entertainment fields, music and sound design, award winning graphic & animation design. Company is currently developing a state of the art social, business, educational networking platform for Mind Body Spirit, Paranormal and UFOlogical fields. The company has recently launched StellarUniversity Showcase Platform for British Investigators Courses in Anomalous Phenomena and ZoharStarGate TV, an online, subject related video platform.

Portfolio: Websites: https://zoharstargate.com/,

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