Zone of Silence, Zona del Silencio

Zone of Silence, Zona del Silencio

Mystery Type: Phenomenon
Mystery Name: Zone of Silence, Zona del Silencio
Latitude: 26.690890
Longitude: -103.745609
Country: Mexico
Place Name: Zona del Silencio, Ceballos, Mexico
Approved: Yes

The Zone of Silenc is, similar to the Bermuda triangle, an area near Ceballos in Mexico where strange happenings have been recorded.
One of these Incidents was an Athena test missile that was launched from a U.S. military base near Green River, Utah toward the White Sands Missile Range. The operators lost control and the missle fell in the Mapimí Desert region (Zone of Silence). A NASA spokesman later stated that it seemed like a strange force had pulled the rocket towards this area.
There are strange magnetic anomalies measured in the area and some people also reported that technological devices like radios and cellphones did stop working in the area.
Ancient legends and tales of the Anasazi (ancestral puebloans) that once lived near the “zone of silence”, talked about Skypeople and visitors from the sky. According to these legends, these beings were reported to be tall and have white hair.
There are also modern day reports of UFO sightings in the area.

Unsolved Mysteries:
To which other mysteries is it related to?, What kind of strange forces may be at work at this site?, Why are there so many phenomenons concentrated?
Proven Facts: Magnetic anomalies, Guided NASA missile crash, Legends and traditions talking about sky gods and sky people
Type: Many Phenomenons
Culture: Anasazi, ancestral Puebloans
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Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon



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This mystery has been reported by Jahkri on 05/12/2017

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