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Reported Mysteries In The Last 60 Days:

Report Date     Country     Type     Name    
04/21/2021    Switzerland    Site    Erdmannli Formation
04/17/2021    Japan    Artefact    Dogu Figurines Japan
03/03/2021    Peru    Site    Gate of the Gods, Puerta de Hayu Marca, Aramu Muru
02/26/2021    Canada    Phenomenon    General Ricardo Bermudez Sanhueza – I am convinced that UFOs exist
02/24/2021    United States    Phenomenon    First lieutenant Robert Salas – UFOs over military base
02/13/2021    United States    Artefact    Footprints on a fossilized sandy beach in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, USA
02/10/2021    United States    Phenomenon    Dr. Stanislav O’Jack – mysterious pictures with lens cover on and mental influence
02/05/2021    Saudi Arabia    Site    Ladder to heaven, geoglyph
02/03/2021    Greece    Site    Dragon Houses of Euboea
01/27/2021    United Kingdom    Site    Rollright stone circle – Radiation abnomalies with Geiger counter and infrared monitor
01/23/2021    Cambodia    Site    Angkor Wat
01/23/2021    United States    Artefact    Betz Mystery
01/22/2021    United Kingdom    Site    Ring of Brodgar


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