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Reported Mysteries In The Last 60 Days:

Report Date     Country     Type     Name    
01/13/2022     United States     Artefact     Puff the Magic Dragon pictograph from Wupatki    
12/22/2021     Switzerland     Site     Turtle formation – megalithic structure in Switzerland    
11/22/2021     United States     Extra-Terrestrial     Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence) talks about Extraterrestrials    
10/04/2021     Ukraine     Site     Melitopol Stone Tomb    
09/17/2021     United States     Site     Chaco Canyon – Anasazi    
09/16/2021     Central African Republic     Artefact     Ishango Bone    
07/12/2021     Germany     Site     Dolmen Rügen    
06/09/2021     South Africa     Phenomenon     Kalahari-Spiralen    
06/02/2021     Israel     Artefact     The Manna Machine    



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For a conscious humanity Ramar is an interactive platform for mankind and its future generations. Cross science concerned people find here more mysterious facts and questions that can not be conclusively answered by officials. The mysteries of the world and of our “universe” are shown here. Everyone should make his own image and question existing opinions of today’s world view. As complementary medicine also interdisciplinary research is the only solution for a healthy understanding of our history and the knowledge for our further path. Philosophically and factual. Our goal is to provide an informative basis in order to promote the extension of our existing non-dogmatic science. Anyone who understands the history, recognizes himself in it …. That something may be wrong, because it should not be, is not a satisfying answer more. We break old patterns of thinking and lead to new horizons. Always strive for scientific knowledge, scientific to provide the closest answer to the discussion. To draw arguments into consideration that the “scientists” withhold on their own. So a new definition of arguments must now be taken into account – for a united “Terrestrialship”. Only after we are capable to control this kindergarten on mother Gaia, we will be ready for a “contact” with our star brothers …