Name     Link     Report Date     Country     Type    
Osiris Shaft 01/19/2022    Egypt    Site   
El Lahun Pyramid 01/19/2022    Egypt    Site   
Bent Pyramid 01/19/2022    Egypt    Site   
Puff the Magic Dragon pictograph from Wupatki 01/13/2022    United States    Artefact   
Turtle formation – megalithic structure in Switzerland 12/22/2021    Switzerland    Site   
Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence) talks about Extraterrestrials 11/22/2021    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
Melitopol Stone Tomb 10/04/2021    Ukraine    Site   
Chaco Canyon – Anasazi 09/17/2021    United States    Site   
Ishango Bone 09/16/2021    Central African Republic    Artefact   
Dolmen Rügen 07/12/2021    Germany    Site   
Kalahari-Spiralen 06/09/2021    South Africa    Phenomenon   
The Manna Machine 06/02/2021    Israel    Artefact   
Trade routes over all oceans – millenia ago 05/16/2021    Germany    Artefact   
Straw suits – worldwide tradition – main example: Bep Kororoti from the Kayapo tribe in the amazon 05/13/2021    Brazil    Phenomenon   
Erdmannli Formation 04/21/2021    Switzerland    Site   
Dogu Figurines Japan 04/17/2021    Japan    Artefact   
Sanxingdui culture and archaeological site in China 04/15/2021    China    Site   
Geigerles Lotterbett 04/14/2021    Germany    Artefact   
Oshiko Shrine Ishi-no-Hoden japanese Rock Shrine 04/13/2021    Japan    Site   
Gate of the Gods, Puerta de Hayu Marca, Aramu Muru 03/03/2021    Peru    Site   
General Ricardo Bermudez Sanhueza – I am convinced that UFOs exist 02/26/2021    Canada    Phenomenon   
First lieutenant Robert Salas – UFOs over military base 02/24/2021    United States    Phenomenon   
Footprints on a fossilized sandy beach in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, USA 02/13/2021    United States    Artefact   
286 -320 million years old human skeleton found in Macoupin, Ill., USA 02/13/2021    United States    Artefact   
Underwater monolith 60 Km offshore from Sicily 02/13/2021    Italy    Site   
Dr. Stanislav O’Jack – mysterious pictures with lens cover on and mental influence 02/10/2021    United States    Phenomenon   
Ladder to heaven, geoglyph 02/05/2021    Saudi Arabia    Site   
Dogon and their advanced astronomical knowlede 02/04/2021    Mali    Phenomenon   
Dragon Houses of Euboea 02/03/2021    Greece    Site   
Rollright stone circle – Radiation abnomalies with Geiger counter and infrared monitor 01/27/2021    United Kingdom    Site   
Angkor Wat 01/23/2021    Cambodia    Site   
Betz Mystery 01/23/2021    United States    Artefact   
Ring of Brodgar 01/22/2021    United Kingdom    Site   
Hueyatlaco – Forbidden archeology 01/11/2021    Mexico    Site   
Klerksdorp spheres 01/07/2021    South Africa    Artefact   
The Gnappstein 01/05/2021    Switzerland    Site   
Dropa stones 01/04/2021    China    Artefact   
Roman Dodecahedron 09/14/2020    Germany    Artefact   
Voynich Manuscript 09/14/2020    Italy    Artefact   
Durrington Shafts 09/11/2020    United Kingdom    Site   
Golden Hats 07/29/2020    Germany    Artefact   
Yangshan Quarry 06/29/2020    China    Site   
Şona pyramids 05/28/2020    Romania    Site   
Underground tunnels (Erdställe) 05/25/2020    Austria    Site   
Carved Stone Balls 04/25/2020    United Kingdom    Artefact   
Maeshowe 04/25/2020    United Kingdom    Site   
Churches of Lalibela 04/22/2020    Ethiopia    Site   
Masuda-no-iwafune – Gigantic boulder with perfect carvings – Age unknown 04/08/2020    Japan    Site   
Phoenix Lights Arizona 04/03/2020    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
Legends and Mysteries of the Aborigines Australia 03/27/2020    Australia    Artefact   
Pyramides of Güimar, Tenerife, Spain 03/24/2020    Spain    Site   
The bird of Sakkara 03/24/2020    Egypt    Site   
Vase of Sakkara 03/24/2020    Egypt    Artefact   
Nebra sky disc 03/23/2020    Germany    Artefact   
Carved stones collection of Professor Javier Cabrera 03/19/2020    Peru    Artefact   
Chavin de Huantar – mysterious temple of an unknown culture 03/19/2020    Peru    Site   
Collection of elongated skulls 03/19/2020    Peru    Artefact   
Cavepaintings and petroglyphs in caves and grottos in Bahia, Brazil 03/11/2020    Brazil    Site   
Petroglyph at the Museo Municipal José A. Mulazzi in Argentina 03/11/2020    Argentina    Artefact   
Several astronauts of NASA are convinced that extraterrestrials are in contact with us since long time 03/09/2020    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
SOHO (Solar & Heliospheric Observatory) recording a strange, gigantic, unidentified object (UFO) 03/08/2020    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
Seychelles Prehistoric Rock Processing 03/07/2020    Seychelles    Site   
1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel 03/05/2020    Switzerland    Extra-Terrestrial   
1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg 03/05/2020    Germany    Extra-Terrestrial   
Sacred Fountain of Santa Cristina 03/03/2020    Italy    Site   
Avebury henge 02/08/2020    United Kingdom    Site   
Hathor temple complex with carving of a light bulb in a krypta in the base 01/17/2020    Egypt    Site   
Madsebakke 01/15/2020    Denmark    Site   
Vasagard 01/15/2020    Denmark    Site   
Zawyet el-Aryan 01/15/2020    Egypt    Site   
Unknown flying Ball 01/05/2020    Switzerland    Extra-Terrestrial   
Grandsoult Glyphs 12/21/2019    Bulgaria    Site   
Megalithic Site Of Gornaya Shoria 12/14/2019    Russia    Site   
Nasa scientist states aliens might already have found us 12/06/2018    United States    Phenomenon   
Tall el-Hammam 12/04/2018    Jordan    Site   
Mystical Circles at Vatina 11/23/2018    Serbia and Montenegro    Phenomenon   
Lepenski Vir 11/23/2018    Serbia and Montenegro    Site   
Ghost of the Apache sits ABOVE SEDONA ARIZONA 11/23/2018    United States    Phenomenon   
MONTEVECCHIA PYRAMIDS 11/08/2018    Italy    Site   
Serbian Pyramid Mountain Rtanj 11/03/2018    Serbia and Montenegro    Site   
Square-Faced Mummy with name Pachery or Nenu of Egypt 10/30/2018    Egypt    Artefact   
Prahlad Jani 10/17/2018    India    Phenomenon   
Tiryns – Megalitic walls in Mycenaean style 02/21/2018    Greece    Site   
Mycene – Greek megalithic fortress 02/21/2018    Greece    Site   
Rendlesham forest, Bentwater UFO incident 02/05/2018    United Kingdom    Extra-Terrestrial   
Mohenjo-Daro, connection to Easter Island? 02/05/2018    Pakistan    Site   
Yazilikaya – Sanctuary 02/04/2018    Turkey    Site   
Hattusa – Hittites capital 02/04/2018    Turkey    Site   
Nemrud Dag- strange Mountain top 02/04/2018    Turkey    Site   
The dove of Saqqara 02/04/2018    Egypt    Artefact   
Ollantaytambo, Peru 02/04/2018    Peru    Site   
Rock scorings of Valcamonica 02/04/2018    Italy    Site   
El Baul stele, Guatemala 02/04/2018    Guatemala    Artefact   
Mysterious gigantic CAVE LABYRINTH in China 02/04/2018    China    Site   
The mysterious AIUD-Object 02/04/2018    Romania    Artefact   
Son Real, Spain 02/04/2018    Spain    Site   
Serapheum underground tunnels with gigantic sarcophaguses 02/04/2018    Egypt    Site   
Ancient industry complex in Baigong 02/04/2018    China    Site   
Ancient galvanic battery 02/03/2018    Iraq    Artefact   
Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau 02/03/2018    Egypt    Site   
Giant hand axes in Syria 02/03/2018    Syria    Artefact   
Giant hand axes in Morocco 02/03/2018    Morocco    Artefact   
Padre Crespi Collection – Unknown inscriptions 02/03/2018    Ecuador    Artefact   
Rongorongo – writings on wooden tablets 02/03/2018    Chile    Artefact   
Mahabalipuram, India – A (technologically-)mysterious place 02/03/2018    India    Site   
Strange Geode with metallic structure inside – Coso Artefact 02/03/2018    United States    Artefact   
Relief disc – Illustrated embryological growth phases 02/03/2018    Colombia    Artefact   
Dragon monolith in Villa Hermosa, Mexico (Monument 19) 02/03/2018    Mexico    Artefact   
Stone Sphere world wide – Russia, Arctica 02/03/2018    Russia    Site   
Petrified dino and human tracks in the same sediment level 02/03/2018    United States    Site   
London Hammer, Texas 02/03/2018    United States    Artefact   
Stone spheres worldwide, Moeraki Beach, New Zealand 02/03/2018    New Zealand    Phenomenon   
Underwater structures near Yonaguni 02/03/2018    Japan    Site   
Returning God – Frank Hurley (15 Oct. 1885 – 16 Jan. 1962 01/12/2017    Papua New Guinea    Phenomenon   
Geometrical Greece 01/12/2017    Greece    Phenomenon   
Golden air planes 01/12/2017    Colombia    Artefact   
Mica chamber in Teotihuacan 01/12/2017    Mexico    Artefact   
Geoglyphs in the Atacama Desert, Chile 01/11/2017    Chile    Site   
Kenko Grande(Qenqo) -Stone blocks cut like butter 01/11/2017    Peru    Site   
Midad del Mundo – Center of the Earth, Ecuador 01/11/2017    Ecuador    Site   
Underwater structures Bimini Road 01/11/2017    Bahamas    Site   
Gosford Hieroglyphs – Woy woy Glyphs -Kariong, Australia 01/11/2017    Australia    Site   
Cave paintings of Wandinas – celestial beings 01/11/2017    Australia    Site   
Tunguska Event 01/11/2017    Russia    Site   
Mirror in the Mausoleum of Jimmu Tenno -1st Japanese Emperor 01/11/2017    Japan    Artefact   
Geoglyphs in Kazakhstan 01/11/2017    Kazakhstan    Site   
Great Godess Figurines and Vessels 01/11/2017    Bulgaria    Artefact   
Red Pyramid of Sneferu (father of Cheops) 01/10/2017    Egypt    Site   
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Coast Guard UFO Video 01/09/2017    Puerto Rico    Extra-Terrestrial   
Chilean navy declassifies inexplicable UFO footage after 2yr 01/09/2017    Chile    Extra-Terrestrial   
San Agustin Colombia 11/27/2016    Colombia    Site   
Bosnian Pyramids Visoko 11/06/2016    Bosnia and Herzegovina    Site   
Taygetos Pyramid Profitis Ilias 11/06/2016    Greece    Site   
Picture of Visoki Decani UFO 11/06/2016    Serbia and Montenegro    Artefact   
Vinča culture 11/05/2016    Serbia and Montenegro    Artefact   
Ancient Earthworks of Bezvodivka (Ukraine) 11/04/2016    Ukraine    Site   
Ancient Ruins found in Antarctica 11/02/2016    Antarctica    Site   
UFO mysteriy entrance in underground 11/01/2016    United States    Site   
Newgrange 10/11/2016    Ireland    Site   
Alaise 10/12/2016    France    Phenomenon   
Ark of the covenant 10/11/2016    Ethiopia    Artefact   
Cairn de Gavrinis 10/11/2016    France    Site   
Band of holes – The avenue of Pockmarks 10/11/2016    Peru    Site   
Fort Victoria – Zimbabwe 10/06/2016    Zimbabwe    Site   
Moeraki Beach – stone balls 10/06/2016    New Zealand    Artefact   
Easter Island 09/10/2016    Chile    Site   
Kalkajaka (Black Mountain), Australia 08/06/2016    Australia    Site   
Gora Otorten (Dyatlov Pass Incident) 08/06/2016    Russia    Phenomenon   
Snake Rock Shrine 08/05/2016    Bulgaria    Site   
Charama Rock Paintings 07/31/2016    India    Artefact   
Winchester Crop Circle 2002 07/30/2016    United Kingdom    Phenomenon   
Chilbolton Mysterie Crop Circle Series 07/30/2016    United Kingdom    Phenomenon   
Windmill Hill Crop Circle 2011 07/30/2016    United Kingdom    Phenomenon   
Waden Hill Crop Circle 2012 07/29/2016    United Kingdom    Phenomenon   
Arkaim – Skeleton with elongated Skull 07/28/2016    Russia    Artefact   
Arkaim – The Stonehenge of Russia 07/28/2016    Russia    Site   
Goldflyer – ancient imitations of modern aircrafts 07/26/2016    Colombia    Artefact   
Göbekli Tepe 07/26/2016    Turkey    Site   
Cave paintings worldwide – Gods and Halos 07/23/2016    Algeria    Phenomenon   
Stone balls world wide 07/22/2016    Costa Rica    Phenomenon   
Underground cities in Turkey – Kaymakli and Derinkuyu 07/22/2016    Turkey    Site   
Johnson County – Missouri, UFO-Sighting on the 8.3.2016 07/22/2016    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
The map of admiral Piri Reis 07/22/2016    Turkey    Artefact   
Aurora, Texas Ufo-Crash on the 4.17.1897 07/22/2016    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
Barstow California UFO Landing on the 12.12.2009 07/21/2016    United States    Extra-Terrestrial   
Delphi – Apollos place 07/20/2016    Greece    Site   
Cromlech de Mzoura 07/20/2016    Morocco    Site   
Lixus the ancient atlantic harbour 07/20/2016    Morocco    Site   
Baalbek 07/19/2016    Lebanon    Site   
El Fuerte – The Strong 07/18/2016    Bolivia    Site   
Tiahuanaco 07/18/2016    Bolivia    Site   
Puma Punku 07/18/2016    Bolivia    Site   
Megalithic Sardinia – Cart Ruts and Nuraghe 07/17/2016    Italy    Site   
Cart Ruts 07/17/2016    Malta    Site   
Hagar Qim 07/17/2016    Malta    Site   
Coral Castle 07/17/2016    United States    Site   
Nazca 07/16/2016    Peru    Site   
Carnac – Geometrical over siced stone alignments and dolmen 07/16/2016    France    Site   
Tikal – the place where the Gods landed 07/16/2016    Guatemala    Site   
Tomb plate of Pacal, Palenque 07/16/2016    Mexico    Artefact   
Hopi Tribe Reservation – Kachinas 07/16/2016    United States    Artefact   
Buritaca 200 07/16/2016    Colombia    Site   
Teotihuacan 07/15/2016    Mexico    Site   
“The Woman of Tlailotlacan”, Elongated Skull 07/15/2016    Mexico    Artefact   
Machine of Antikytera 07/15/2016    Greece    Artefact   
Woodhenge Pömmelte Germany 07/15/2016    Germany    Site   
Sete Cidades 07/15/2016    Brazil    Site   
Nan Madol 07/15/2016    Micronesia    Site   
Sacsayhuaman 07/15/2016    Peru    Site   
Gunung Padang 07/15/2016    Indonesia    Site   
Abydos Temple of Setos I. and Osirion 06/30/2016    Egypt    Site   
Singing stone block in Abu Sir 06/30/2016    Egypt    Artefact   
Core drillings in Abu Sir 06/30/2016    Egypt    Site   
Stonehenge 06/14/2016    United Kingdom    Site